The Hypnotism Conference, change | phenomena, returns for it’s sixth year on May 16th, 2015, in central London. This eclectic and provocative conference invites lectures and demonstrations from those considered to be amongst the best in their field. They share their remarkable skills, contemporary thinking and useful techniques with a bright and mixed audience. This year we are proud to present new speakers, covering novel topics that we are certain will appeal to you.

As those who have attended before will agree, change | phenomena is a unique, friendly and thought provoking conference. It is of interest to everyone from the hobbyist to clinical practitioner, and especially to those who would like to improve their understanding of hypnosis and improve their skills.

This year we welcome our new guest host, The Verbal Surgeon Tim A. Cummins to introduce our speakers, Michael Perez, Bob Burns, Helen Bremner, Joergen Rasmussen and Brad Stooges.

The conference runs for one full day, with breaks between the lectures to provide good opportunities to socialise and discuss the talks. The ticket price includes catering, so the only thing that you need to organise is your travel.

The DVD sets and digital downloads for change | phenomena 2010, 2012 and 2013 are available as DVDs and digital downloads from Head Hacking.

Extended trailers available for:
James Tripp
Anthony Jacquin
Freddy Jacquin
Joergen Rasmussen
James Brown
Barry Thain
Adam Eason 2012
Gary Turner
Harry Lucas
Kev Sheldrake
Adam Eason 2013
Dr. Steve Murray
Norman Vaughton
Maggie Howell
Alexander Hartmann

change | phenomena is not affiliated with any specific hypnosis body or organisation and therefore is open to all.

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